How to Stop Dog Chewing With Your Golden Retriever

Stop Dog Chewing With Your Lab In No Time!stop dog chewing

So, you finally got a dog!  He’s a wonderful dog, but now you are missing 4 socks, 1 slipper, and you just noticed that the rocker leg has chips of wood under it, come to think of it, where is that one new shoe?  If you have a Golden they especially like to chew.  Now, what do you do to stop dog chewing?  Since you are in for the long haul and you know you will love this dog forever, it is time to get him his own belongings to chew on.  There are many things you can do to get him to stop his chewing.  But, you must remember that dogs love to chew and it is just that simple.

There is obedience school for dogs to teach them to stop dog chewing, which may be an idea.  But, you can get your dog to stop chewing on your stuff by getting him his own.  Get him some new toys and teach him to fetch them back to you.  Dogs want to please and he will be so happy that you are happy.  Many times dogs chew because they are just bored and need something to do.  While you are away what do you think he is doing?  He is missing you, so naturally, he is going to get into things.

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If it is possible for you to do, even if you are tired, take your dog walking and play with him outdoors.  Dogs, especially puppies, have this boundless energy and we, as humans have to realize this.  To stop dog chewing on the things you value, you will have to invest in some of his own toys and some treats to give him when you are teaching him to roll over, sit up, stay, fetch, jump, give you his paw, speak, all of these deserve a treat when he listens to you and does what you say.  Take away the temptation to chew with teaching him other things to do.

You dog loves you as much as you love him.  Eventually, he will come to realize what you expect of him and he will only want to make you happy.  To stop dog chewing you can also get him the crunchy dog food so that he does a lot of chewing while eating.  This may also help.

How to Stop Dogs Chewing Everything In Your Home To Shreds

stop dogs chewing

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Follow These Steps To Stop Dogs Chewing Behavior

Puppies will chew on things but you can stop dogs chewing with the proper training and prevention.   Chewing is natural for them and you should understand that. They chew on things because they have nothing to do or due the fact their teeth is starting to grow. What you should do is actually telling the puppy to bite things you want them to chew and not on the carpet or furniture.

How to approach the chewing problem

Most people would have two extreme reactions to puppy chewing. Either they let the puppy chew on anything they want or they get angry and punish them which will lead them to develop bad behaviors. The stance you should take is the middle of both, do not chew on your furniture but they can chew other things.  If you take these steps you will be well on your way to stop dogs chewing.

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Steps to take to stop the chewing problem

There are a few ways to fix this chewing problem. Scolding and hitting your puppy is not one of them. You should never let out your anger on your puppy. They will never know why you hit them and what did they do to deserve it. Why not try the following instead:

Changing target: If you see your puppy chewing on the wrong things, you can replace it with a chewing toy and give him praise when he starts chewing on the toy. This will tell the puppy that the toy is the right thing to chew.

Don’t let them be bored: Give your puppy something to occupy themselves other than chewing. Puppy chew when they are bored even if they are way pass the teething phase. Go outside and take them for a walk or play catch with them. Then at home, give them a toy that will keep them occupied for hours.

Using Crates: Crate training helps in keeping the chewing problem in check. When the puppy is confined inside the crate, he cannot go anywhere and chew on things. Alternatively, you can keep your puppy in a room to limit their movement and things they can chew on.

Using Aversion Sprays: If your puppy finds the things he chews taste bad, he will stop chewing on them. You can use spray your furniture with Cayenne Pepper or Bitter Apple and your puppy will learn that your furniture are not suitable for chewing.

Again I emphasize that chewing is a normal thing to do for a puppy but they should never use your furniture or fingers as chew toys. You need to change their chewing preferences if you experiencing that.

Consistent Actions

You should also be consistent with your actions to stop your puppy from chewing things. Do not give them old slippers or shoe to chew on and expect them not to chew on your brand new shoe. Do not give your puppy stuffed toys like teddy bears and let them differentiate which stuffed toys are for them to chew on. As long as you put down some rules about chewing, your dog will learn about it quick enough and the stop dogs chewing issue will no longer be a problem in your house.