Stop Barking Dogs Behavior Forever

The Solution to Stop Barking Dogs Behavior

There are a lot of ways to tackle the barking problem and stop barking dogs behavior that you face with your new friend. Even after years of domestication and breeding, barking is one of the natural instincts that your dog has. The only breed that does not bark is the Basenji dogs.

But before you ask train to stop barking, you need to differentiate the different barks your dog perform and which one you can curb.

Why Dogs Barks In The First Place

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Dogs communicate by barking. They bark to express their emotion and what they are thinking to you. Here are some examples why your dog would start barking.

  • Barking because of territory
  • Barking because of scared or surprised
  • Wanting attention barks
  • Barks to greet
  • Barking because of frustration
  • Compulsive barking
  • Barking because of injury

Barking, to them, is as common as us talking to each other so you just cannot stop the barking. There are ways to change stop barking dogs behavior.

How to Get Your Dog to Stop Barking

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If your dog does not want to stop barking, you need to find out if the barking is necessary. 90% of the time it is not and should be controlled. If you want to control the barking, look at these questions first:

  1. When the barking occurs?
  2. What is he barking at?
  3. Does your dog bark because of something?

If your dog is barking because he is protective of his territory or is surprised by something, you must not yell at him to stop barking. Using negative reinforcement against territorial barking can cause him to show more aggression.

To counter this, you need to make your dog feel that he does not have to defend any territory. You need to be the alpha leader and show your dog that it is your responsibility to defend your territory.

Another method is to hide anything that your dog might perceive as threat to his territory. Cover your windows and get opaque fences to limit your dog’s sight. You can also make sure he stays in a room without any windows.

Control Anxiety Barking

The situation is worse if your dog barks because he has anxiety issues. It is because he is calling out to you and will not stop until you come back. This happens because you encouraged this behaviour before. You would come home and start lavishing your affection to him.

However, you should actually ignore your dog for 10-15 minutes when you return home so they would learn not to expect attention as soon as you return home.

The final step to stop your dog from barking is to know tell him when he can bark and when to stop. You need to teach him a command to tell your dog to stop barking when it is not needed. After that, when he does not stop barking when you tell him to, you will know he has something important to tell you.

Your dog does not have to be hated by your community for his barking. Teach him to control it early on and you would have a peace of mind knowing that you have cured stop barking dogs behavior and your dog is not disturbing anyone unnecessarily.

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