Benefits of Electronic dog containment systems for Pet Owners

Dog containment systems are products of great help for all those dog owners who care about the safety and happiness of their pets. These electronic systems work on the basis of the negative reinforcement training method; the transmitter placed inside the house sends a radio signal to the collar around the neck of the dog, and the collar issues aversive stimuli, like a beep of warning or a mild and painless electric shock. This system starts on the moment the dog approaches the invisible boundary set up around the designated containment area.

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These aversive stimuli give the dog unpleasant sensations and it will soon discover that it can avoid these disagreeable feelings by simply stopping at a certain point when it hears the warning sound.

As millions of pet containment systems have already been sold in the whole world, millions of dog owners benefit of their results. Following we present some of these benefits:

• Your dog will have better protection against road accidents, animal run-ins and other possible mishaps borne of being outside a designated safe area. You will save this way the time, trouble and money dealing with these accidents involve.

This is possible for two reasons. First, you will be alerted to the dog’s attempt to cross the line because of the large beep emitted by the collar, which can give you sufficient time to issue a verbal command or run after the dog or both.

Secondly, the dog itself will be amazed by the warning beep and interrupted in its activity.

The dog that ignores the warning beep will receive an electric shock that will scare it and stop.

You dog will then not go into the road in the line of passing cars or not be engaged in fights with other animals. Train your dog to come in house when it hears the warning beep.

• The electric shock produces a disagreeable sensation that the dog will really soon associate with its improper behavior. Adjust the intensity of the electric shock to be issued by the collar in accordance with the size and type of behavior of your dog.

Such adjustability is necessary since your dog will require lesser amounts of electric shock as his training progresses. After a few weeks your dog will get used to stop when it hears the sound of warning, and then you can set the minimum level of intensity for the electric shocks to be delivered just in case.

• You will be able to avoid spending time, money and effort to build a material fence.

These physical fences require maintenance expenses and real property taxes that you will also save.

These electronic devices are portable systems, and you can easily allocate the area where you think your dog will be safe by bordering it with the proximity sensors. After you have delimited the area where you want your dog to be contained, by placing the proximity sensors in some points of its borders, all you need to do is to set ON the transmitter of the dog containment system.

The dog containment systems reduce the risks your dog is exposed to, and also its possibilities to run away or produce damages to neighbors or in your own house.

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