Dog Aggression towards Other Dogs – How To Stop It

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If you’ve ever seen dogs being aggressive toward each other, you know just how disturbing dog-on-dog aggression can be. Aggression between dogs can take the form of growling, snarling, snapping, posturing and even outright fights which could cause significant injuries for the dogs. It can also be difficult for the owners to safely break up.

Dog aggression towards other dogs is troubling, but unfortunately it isn’t all that uncommon. There’s a good chance you’ve seen it, whether your own dog was involved or it was someone else’s. You might not know what causes it, however.

Dog-on-dog aggression is almost always the result of inadequate socialization while a dog is young. Socialization is the process by which a dog learns how to appropriately communicate and interact with others. It provides the key to preventing her from being aggressive toward other dogs throughout her life.

The socialization process involves exposing your dog to as many other dogs as possible. It’s important to let her meet, mingle, play with and just be around a large number of dogs of all sizes and ages. This exposure to other dogs is what teaches your dog the difference between neutral or positive interactions and behaviors that are truly threatening. Without a proper understanding of this difference, it’s easy for your dog to misinterpret another dog’s behavior.

For example, that other dog might simply want to play, but she won’t see it that way. Instead, she might think she’s being threatened, and she’ll respond to this perceived threat by becoming aggressive. Think of socialization as how your dog learns to communicate and interact appropriately with others.

Puppyhood, especially between ten and sixteen weeks of age, is the most important period in your dog’s entire life as far as socialization is concerned. A dog that isn’t thoroughly socialized during this critical period is a prime candidate for becoming overly fearful or behaving aggressively when she encounters other dogs later in life.

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