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As a dog owner, I’m sure you would never deliberately feed your dog poison. But that is exactly what has happened over the last few years. In a number of high profile cases, contaminated dog food has led to the death, or severe illness of hundreds of dogs. Yet, pet owners continue to feed these products to their dogs. Many believe there is any alternative.

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If you’re in that group, read on as this article provides some useful advice on how to make homemade dog food.

It is widely accepted that most commercial dog food brands do not meet the nutritional needs of dogs. Most are packed with cheap, processed grains which provide bulk, but little nutritional value.

And then there are the chemical based colorings and flavorings which have been connected to all manner of diseases, including cancer.Even the meat that these foods contain is low grade – generally the parts considered unfit for human consumption.

Of course, not all commercial dog foods should be tarred with the same brush. Some, in particular the premium brands, are of much higher quality than what I’ve described. However, it is doubtful wether they provide the same level of nutrition as a whole food diet, so you may want to consider that for your dog.

Here are 3 quick tips to get you started;

Feed your dog a diet of unprocessed meats, vegetables, eggs, whole-wheat grains, and brown rice. Avoid junk food, table scraps, and white bread or white rice.

Remember that your dog is an omnivore, and needs vegetables as well as meat. As a rough rule of thumb try for a three way split between meat, vegetables and fiber. If you’re going to err slightly in any direction, feed more meat because protein is very important in a dog’s diet.

Dogs have a poorly developed sense of taste so don’t bother too much with seasonings. In fact, highly seasoned food may actually cause diarrhea,

Remember also, that there are some human foods that should never be fed to a dog.

Just about everybody knows that chocolate is harmful, but are you aware that there are many other human foods that are dangerous, even potentially lethal, to your pet?

Things like onions, garlic, grapes, raisins, and macadamia nuts are just some of the common foods that can harm a dog. You should also avoid feeding your dog table scraps and any form of human junk food, like pizza. These foods are generally high in fat and can lead to obesity.

Also be careful when giving your dog bones, as these can splinter and cause intestinal damage if swallowed. Raw bones also carry the risk of salmonella poisoning.

By following the simple guidelines above you can quite easily switch your dog to a nutritionally balanced home cooked diet. You should, however, speak to your vet before making the change.

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