Patiently Training Your Lab Puppies Is Worth the Time and Effort

training lab puppies

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Time Invested In Training Your Puppies Will Be Joyfully Rewarded!

Some people may think that training lab puppiesis too much of a challenge.  Owning a dog is a huge responsibility that starts right from the moment you bring your puppy home. Because those first weeks are critical to establishing the right habits and behaviors in your new little friend, you must set up specific routines that everyone in the family agrees to maintain. When it comes to Lab puppies, their winning personalities may sometimes make it easy to overlook inappropriate behavior, but you will regret this later when your favorite pair of shoes or baseball cap has been shredded, never mind the cushions on the couch or the couch itself.

The biggest task for a new puppy is to learn to go to the bathroom in the appropriate place. Crate training dogs is one valuable way to help with this, and it really works well when training your puppy. Your little guy needs to be taken to the right area of your yard to go to eliminate about every two hours, as well as right after eating, and immediately upon waking from a nap. The younger he is when you bring him home, the longer it may take for him to be able to hold it until he gets to his elimination area. By taking him to the same location, he will associate those smells with why he has been brought there. Using a specific word command such as “Go,” will help the dog know what to do as well.

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Your puppy cannot be left alone for long periods, especially when he is really little. While he is safe in his crate, and so is your property, he may get restless and bored if he is left in there for too long. Training puppies requires meeting their high energy levels and that means lots of exercise. If you must be away, try to give your puppy some playtime before he goes in the crate. New toys and chewies can help entertain him while you are gone.

When it comes to training a Lab, you are going to need some patience. Your pet will grow up to bring you years of wonderful companionship and enjoyment, but he can require dedicated and consistent training during those crucial first weeks and 2-3 months. The time and energy you devote to gentle but firm training will more than pay off in the  love and loyalty that will be generously returned to you for the rest of your pet’s life.

10 week old lab puppy does her new tricks. She has been clicker trained for two weeks.

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